We had some tremendous speakers at the April 8th event with tremendous sessions. "What will they learn that they can translate to their business?" was the question we asked ourselves to ensure that each session was as beneficial as possible to the viewer.


Steve Kaminski NPGA

Stephen Kaminski

President & CEO of NPGA

Welcome Message from NPGA

10AM-10:05AM EST

NPGA President & CEO Steve Kaminski will be kicking off our day of learnings and best practices with a welcome message for propane marketers and NPGA members.

Steve Abbate Centane

Steve Abbate

Cetane Associates

State of the Delivered Fuel Industry

10:05AM-10:45AM EST

With the current challenges, consolidations and competition in energy markets, there is a lot to take into account for your delivered fuel business. Our industry has seen severe fuel cost price spikes as well as market crashes with historical low costs. We are now facing challenges associated with COVID-19 and how to keep ourselves and our businesses healthy. Day to day challenges come and go, however the question is how our businesses trend over time.

Join us as we talk about current trends and what plans we have seen marketers put in place for continued growth.  We will touch on how we see future company worth affected by current events and which industry trends will likely impact value.

Jim Townsend Propane
Adam Shantzer GasTec
Amos Epstein Tank Utility
  • Listed Clockwise From Top Left -
  • Jim Townsend, Townsend Energy
  • Adam Shantzer, GasTec Enterprises
  • Amos Epstein, Moderator

Delivering Fuel In an Uncertain Time (Marketer Panel)

11:00AM-11:45AM EST

Delivering Fuel is as hard to do today as it’s ever been. With warmer winters, competing energy alternatives and now with a national emergency, not only is it more difficult to run a business but your business is even more crucial to the customers who rely on you for warmth and energy.

Join our panel of propane marketers talking about how they are overcoming these challenges to provide exceptional experiences for their customers while growing their businesses.

P3 Propane Safety

Kyle Koerber

P3 Propane Safety

Demo Break with P3 Propane

11:45AM-12:00 PM EST

Kyle will be providing a 5 minute demo of P3 Propane Safety's solution.

Marci Gagnon Qualpay

Marci Gagnon

Jon Gilbert


State of the Union on Payments

12:00PM-12:45PM EST

Join us as we provide an update on the current state of payments in the propane industry. We will discuss the key changes on the horizon and the impacts it will have on your business and your customers. You'll walk away with everything you need to know so you can run your business and finances accordingly in the coming year.

Cargas Logo

Cargas Systems

Solution Overview from Cargas

12:45PM-1:00 PM EST

A look at Life with Cargas's Energy Fuel Delivery Software.

Chris Brablc

Tank Utility

15+ Marketing Ideas to Wrangle Will Call and Acquire New Customers

1:00PM-1:45PM EST

If you could reduce the number of Will Call customers, would your business be more profitable? Would it be one less headache to worry about? Would it allow you to be more efficient with your deliveries?

In this session, we’ll share marketing ideas to help you manage Will Call customers along with several others you can use to attract new customers and retain existing ones. You’ll leave the session with tactics that you can take back and implement back in the office.

Tank Utility colored logo

Aaron Gress

Tank Utility

Demo Break with Tank Utility

1:45PM-2:00 PM EST

Aaron will be providing a 5 minute demo of Tank Utility's tank monitoring solution.

Saul Cohen

Saul Cohen

Cargas Systems

Best Practices for Choosing & Implementing New Technology

2:00PM-2:45PM EST

Whether you're considering a web portal for your customers or completely new back-office software, at some point you'll go through the process of purchasing new technology for your business. To see a return on your investment, you need to find the right solution, set it up properly, and get your team excited about using it. Learn how to navigate the buying and implementation process so you can achieve success with your new solution.

Qualpay Logo

Jon Gilbert


Demo Break with Qualpay

2:45PM-3:00 PM EST

Jon will be providing a 5 minute demo of Qualpay's payments solution.

Collin Sullivan Tank Utility

Listed Clockwise From Top Left -

  • Mike Green, Green's Propane
  • Sandy Barber, Northdale Oil
  • Collin Sullivan - Moderator

Tank Monitoring At Scale (Marketer Panel)

3:00PM-3:45PM EST

If you knew exactly what the tank level was for all your customers tanks, what would that mean for your business? Could you serve more customers? Would you be more profitable? Would your life be easier? Join us to hear from our experienced panel of propane marketers who are running a large percentage of their business using tank monitoring data. They will discuss the transformative impact not only on their delivery savings but on multiple levels of their business including team morale, hiring, asset efficiency, customer acquisition, and retention and overall profitability.

  • Aaron Cargas, Cargas Systems (left)
  • Amos Epstein, Tank Utility (right)

Future of Innovation in Delivered Fuel

4:00PM-5:00PM EST

The pace of change in delivered fuel is moving faster than ever before. And with that, brings an uncertain future for many fuel suppliers. It’s the fuel suppliers that adapt and innovate that will continue to see their customer base and business grow.

Join us as we take a look at the key consumer and technology trends that will impact delivered fuel suppliers. We will share key stats, best practices and stories from leading propane marketers that can help your business operate more efficiently and acquire and retain more customers.

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